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Special Offer to MainLine Customers PlotAll - $199
plotall (gcode) smart driver features tour

Artwork displayed in the Engraver Preview window. Zoom in/out features allows you to view details of the artwork. Text and vector objects are displayed in blue; bitmaps are displayed in black.

Features such as: "Auto Convert" and "Automate Text" converts objects and text in matter of seconds. Quick features to set "Tip Diameter" and "Overlap" for cutter compensation. Advanced features such as: "Bitmap Convert" and "Offset/Fill Text" enables fully-functional mainLINE plug-in with advanced graphic manipulation and editing features.

Select from the multiple materials and engraving settings built-in library or save your own settings for future use. Multiple pass support with individual custom engraving settings.

With simple "Engrave" feature send file directly to plotter or engraver.

Condor Graphics Technologies - Corel Strategic Technology Partner