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Special Offer to MainLine Customers PlotAll - $199

PlotAll is easily configurable to support ANY standard and custom HPGL commands. We can customize the configuration file specifically for your Engraver which will translate standard HPGL commands to commands that are specific to your Engraver.

For example, standard Pen Down command is PD. Q1 Engraver uses ZD and Roland Engraver ^PD.
PlotAll is pre-confugured to work with the following machines:
  • Roland
  • New Hermes
  • Xenetech
  • Q1 Engravers
  • Vision
  • General HPGL (will work for Newing Hall and others)
  • Mercury Controllers
  • G-codes for CNC machines

How to get custom configuration files?
Send us example of HPGL (PLT) file that works with your current engraver or command description and we will customize configuration file for you. Customization files are done in one business days, excluding holidays.

For command description examples - download Q1EDriverInfo [PDF]

For advanced users familiar with XML files - download Q1E.xmlm [file] as an example of PlotAll configuration.

Configuration file also has information about different Engraver settings depending on selected material, settings per passes, default commands values, and etc.

NOTE: If you are a Signature Engravers customer - please contact the company directly to get information about special driver designed for Signature Engravers equipment.

licensing and activation

Full version of Condor Graphics Technologies products require Activation. We offer two convinient methods to our users:

When using online activation method Internet connection required during registration.
With manual activation no Internet connection required. You will need to get Activation code.

For addtional information on products activation and installation instructions go to download page.

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